Mother Make My Bed

A collection of Vermont Folk Songs and

Ballads Performed by Deborah Flanders

Produced and arranged by Pete Sutherland

These songs belong to a ballad collection of my great-aunt Helen Hartness Flanders, who spent most of her life recording and preserving them. I am thrilled to be able to pay tribute to her life's work with this recording.

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The Female Highwayman

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Mother Make My Bed

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The Female Highwayman

Deb Flanders sings Folk Songs and

Ballads Collected by Vermont Songcatcher Helen Hartness Flanders

Produced and arranged by Pete Sutherland

In my latest CD I continue to highlight the songs that my great-aunt collected with added accompaniment beautifully arranged by Pete Sutherland. I include a bit more background information about my great-aunt’s efforts during the 30s, 40s and 50s to preserve these songs. Many of the original recordings she created are in danger of disintegrating or on media that has become obsolete. For this reason, an effort will soon be underway to digitize the recordings in the Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Collection housed at the Middlebury College Library. The costs to do this are considerable. Therefore I am donating all my net profits from the sales of this new CD toward the preservation and digitizing the original field recordings in the collection to make them more accessible to everyone via the internet.

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