Deborah flanders


About the Old West Church

Deb Flanders invites you to a truly unique Vermont experience! Imagine a beautiful summer evening, a soft pink sky, a slight breeze and the distant whinnying of a friendly horse. Enter a country church untouched by time. An intimate setting for the singing of songs and the playing of acoustical instruments. Let the music wash over you. Before you know it, it's time for intermission. Fresh lemonade! Then as dusk settles over the little white church, the candles are lit and the show continues bathed in the warmth of candlelight. It just doesn't get any better than this!

The Old West Church, built in 1825, is a well-preserved example of a New England Meeting House. The meeting house, served both religious and secular functions.  Unique to Old West Church is the 19th-century blue paint used for various interior surfaces and the phrase "Remove Not The Ancient Landmark Which Thy Fathers Have Set" mounted above the pulpit in 1886. To find out more about this wonderful old building visit this website: